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SIED proudly presents innovation in advertising without boundaries. Welcome to the digital era of marketing - a place where anything is possible.

Our Goal

We’re here to help your business instantly reach its full potential by advertising not only in the right place, but also, most importantly, in the right way.
Our team of highly experienced professionals have been carefully selected from all over Europe and are known to be some of the most skilled marketers worldwide. At SIED we are dedicated to making sure the digital presence of your company is the best it can be... and better.


(Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger)

Facebook and its family of apps, though starting out as a chat and entertainment platform for amusement, inspiration and connecting with others, has gradually become one of the largest and most powerful advertising tools to date. The company's constant aim to innovate led to it excelling above the capabilities of dozens of similar platforms, even outdoing Google itself in some areas. Over a relatively short period of time Facebook has become the number #1 advertising platform in the world and remains unbeaten since. This is for good reason. We have successfully leveraged Facebook’s complex algorithm to generate revenue for businesses that otherwise would not have imagined such success possible.


(Google, YouTube, Google Shop, etc.)

Google and it’s variety of sub-platforms have always been (and will most probably remain) one of the most effective advertising giants in the online-marketing industry. It is important to keep in mind that Google is primarily a search-engine, which makes it hard to compare to sites such as Facebook, or LinkedIn. The company's main advertising strategy is to show people sites and topics based on what they have already searched for, specifically. This allows for sites with paid advertising to be prioritised within search results, motivating potential customers to notice and buy from advertisers before reaching the organically ranked sites. One of the greatest differences between Google Ads and Facebook Ads as such is Google's preferred PPC (Pay Per Click) billing method - meaning an advertiser only pays once a customer comes onto their site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the unbeaten leader of individual retargeting and free promotion for businesses in any and every niche. From setting up a simple subscription list to creating complex funnels and reminders, email marketing can be a game-changer when it comes to keeping your business in someone's subconscious, or even conscious thoughts at all times. We typically use email marketing to remind customers of upcoming events, special offers, sales and checkout reminders. Our statistics prove this method to be especially effective at attracting more repeat-customers.

Influencer Marketing

The so called “online superstars”, or “influencers” are not much different from real-life celebrities nowadays. Public figures with large followings on social media have usually gained a respectable amount of trust and admiration from their fans, leading them to be a strong influential factor in selling products, as well as building on the credibility of a business. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to reach such famous individuals and may take a lot of time, usually followed by an unnecessarily high price.
Thankfully, however, over the years we have come to obtain an impressive catalog of contacts from influencers ready to do business with us at fair costs.

Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and others...

Our expertise stretches over a number of other advertising platforms too. Although we usually prioritise working with the tools mentioned above, we do broaden the online identity of a business from time to time, expanding into platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok, and more. We make our decisions based on multiple factors such as the niche of a given business, or the gender, age and interests of the majority of customers buying the products or services.

All Functions

  • Market research
  • Targeting
  • Google Business Setup
  • Facebook Ads (inc. ig, mess, whtsp)
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads (inc. gshop, yt, web, search)
  • YouTube Ads
  • Twitter Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Ad Creation
  • Ad Copy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Facebook Contect Management
  • Instagram Content Mangement
  • Twitter Content Management
  • LinkedIn Content Management
  • TikTok Content Management
  • Content Creation
  • Organic Growth
  • Email Template Creation
  • Email Automation
  • Email Copy
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